Saturday, June 19, 2010

A random post

Okay, this showed up as a draft. I thought there was something here, but when I looked, it was empty. So I'll write about 2012.

Recently I saw a History Channel program on Nostradamus. Very interesting because it was about the lost book of Nostradamus and how it relates to 2012. The only exposure I've had to Nostradamus is through the History Channel. Good for a start but I'd like to do some more research on my own. I found a few websites for starters and we'll see how it goes.


Since I've decided to not be so religious, making sense of the world and world events is much more challenging, and frightening. Wondering what is going on with our government. Is he/are they doing this deliberately, or are they just being idealistic and not knowing what the consequences might be given the economic environment? Do they really care, or are they really trying to destroy the US as we know it?