Monday, November 21, 2011

Politics, Finances, and Conspiracy Theories

I have been trying to keep up on the news, particularly about the financial health of the nation. And lately, things don't look good. Things don't look good in a lot of places, most, if not all of Europe as well.

It seems odd to the untrained eye that both the US and Europe are in the same trouble. But thinking back to the '08 financiial/banking problems, they started with the selling of the mortgage-backed securities and derivatives, etc.  in the US and went to Europe, so now they have come to more fruition and affected both our economies.

The other thing that is making me wonder, and bothering me, is that those who believe in conspiracy theories think that the corporations have gotten so big an powerful that they own a lot of influence and can buy anything they want. What they want is control. Control of us, and control of the planet. This can be accomplished by controlling the politicians. So the elections mean very little if anything. The theorists think, and have some proof that the corporations that control so much of what goes on in the world are run in part by some very powerful families, some tied to shadowy organizations.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Okay, first post with the new interface on Blogger. Not bad, it'll work for now.

Lately, I've been hit up side the head with some reality that I thought I could keep in the background. That reality comes under the heading of conspiracy theories. In a nutshell the world as we know it is not the world in reality. The reality is quite different and frightening. Think of "The Matrix' and 'Enemy of the State' movies, and you get the idea.

There is a YouTube clip of George Carlin titles "Nobody Cares About You". It's a little bit funny but it's more true than funny. In recent years I had been keeping track of websites that kept track of those sorts of things, Alex Jones and Vigilant Citizen are two of them.

On the radio I listen to talk radio, conservative in nature, of course. I don't have faith in the political system anymore, the things they say and do don't make sense. There's something else going on. If the conspiracy theories are close to true, then that seems to give the lawmakers some rational for their irrational behavior. They have an agenda. They are part of a bigger plan, they are working to enact a agenda of global proportions. They are not working for we the people, or for themselves, but for another cause. Maybe there is something to the Illuminati and the Freemasons and all that other stuff.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Birthday and conspiracy theories

So today is my birthday, all of 54 years. That seems like a lot to me, and it doesn't. Google gave me a nice little birthday greeting when I logged in, thank you Google.

Lately, I have been looking at websites that come under the category of conspiracy theory; global conspiracy and all that. Interesting stuff, at times depressing, but still, I have to say that there may be something to them.

Looking at them in light of Biblical prophecy it gets more interesting.

As I have mentioned before, I have departed from evangelical Christianity to figure things out on my own. My own being, apart from the group think of a church. Looking at what some say in the conspiracy world and what the Bible says in its prophecy parts I can see how the two might fit together. Or maybe what the Bible writers were trying to say.

Also, the way world events are unfolding and how some people have knowledge of what is going on, what it means and who is behind it, make some things that are stated in the Bible more plausible.

One fellow I have come across; Max Igan, is very well versed on global conspiracy theories. More than well versed, he knows pretty much what is going on who is responsible and why. To hear him lay out the whole scenario is pretty scary. His website is; Very interesting stuff. More on this later.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mat 21st Update

Well time is marching on. I've seen a few things online about the May 21st deadline for the beginning of the end of the world. Not much else. Just an article from a Bible scholar, who said that about half of the New Testament was forged. Maybe not made up, but written by people other than who they said they were. Interesting timing on that.

I was writing this as an update thing, keeping track of what was going on with the rapture story. But, I haven't done a very good job of keeping up with it, and now it is a day after the "fact".

Well, the "fact" never happened. No rapture or anything. And as with all before who have said the world was going to end on a certain day, nothing happened. Followers were and still are confused. Nothing has been heard from the man who made the prediction; Harold Camping. He made a similar prediction back in 1994 and then too, nothing happened.

Following the comments on the articles, most of the people made fun of him and his followers. It's an easy thing to do, he looks silly. His followers look silly for making a spectacle of themselves. I feel sorry for them and wonder how they could let themselves get taken in. I mean, these people seem intelligent, they have jobs and families, that really puzzles me. Are they really so committed to following one man and his crazy ramblings that they check in their brains and common sense?

For some people, I think religion can be a dangerous thing. For example; the Jonestown folks who drank the Kool-aide, the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas, and the followers of the guy who wanted to be a Mormon prophet. Can't think of his name now. But they all lost something really important, their lives. All for religion, to belong to something. Then, as now, I still don't get it.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bin Laden & May 21st

So, we finally got Bin Laden? Good for us. Funny thing is that Obama actually got him. Bush set 'em up and Obama knocked 'em down. For all the talk about ending the wars and pulling troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, in some ways Obama is just like Bush, or at least walking in his footsteps. Then he goes and does his more expected un-Bush things like talk about raising taxes, or spending another trillion on something or another. I'm persuaded he's a true liberal at heart, so for him to do these conservative things, like exerting our military muscle overseas, must grate him to some degree. Talk about conflicted.

I found out recently that another Christian sect has supposedly figured out that May 21st is going to be the end of the world. At a glance of the group it seems the person in charge has done this before, back in 1994. I haven't read the details of the theory yet, but it involves some sort of calculations based on dates and quirks thereof. Hmmm, a week from today. The day after payday. Religion can do some strange things to people, like aggravate the idea of their own self-impotence. It happens in cults a lot, the leader thinks only he can hear from God...or the he is God. Unfortunately there will easily persuaded people eager to follow him/her. It's sad because I think it makes the genuine believers harder to take seriously.
I will try and keep up on this one through the week, and after...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things are Changing

It has been a while since I last posted anything. The usual suspects have gotten in the way; life, busyness, other aspects of internet life...and a little thing called Second Life has taken up a bit of my time.

Since then other things have happened, my youngest has gone to college, and become a vocal performance major, my oldest has graduated from college, we went to her graduation last weekend. That is mind boggling, having a child that is a college graduate...where did the time go? It is truly surreal.

In the past few years, I have abandoned church, mostly because I thought I was too dysfunctional to keep doing it properly, so the blame is on me, not them, but I can see problems. Anyways. I have kept an ear to conservative talk-radio and have tried to keep an open mind, remembering that they too have an agenda. In most cases I would say it makes more sense then the opposition.

Since leaving church, I thought I have looked at life objectively. From my observation it seems that political things have gotten more intense, more almost desperate. Like they've painted themselves into a corner and are fighting about how to get out of it, when there is no way out.

We've painted ourselves into a corner with issues like, abortion, gay-rights, immigration, and the national debt. And there are more issues that I can think of right, actually, almost everything is an issue that our congressman and senators take opposite sides with and make hay.

Conspiracy theorists are saying that things are really taking a turn for the worst. It's a geo-political financial cabal that is in control and exerting itself to make the world the way they want it. It's vague, but there might be something to it, I don't know for sure.

I hear the news and some talk-radio and I wonder if our government is screwing us up on purpose or do they think we can actually get out of this financial mess we are in. Our debt is staggering, basically, I think we're broke, a lot of the states are. I don't know everything, but I don't see how this is going to end well. Should we start preparing for the unthinkable?