Monday, November 21, 2011

Politics, Finances, and Conspiracy Theories

I have been trying to keep up on the news, particularly about the financial health of the nation. And lately, things don't look good. Things don't look good in a lot of places, most, if not all of Europe as well.

It seems odd to the untrained eye that both the US and Europe are in the same trouble. But thinking back to the '08 financiial/banking problems, they started with the selling of the mortgage-backed securities and derivatives, etc.  in the US and went to Europe, so now they have come to more fruition and affected both our economies.

The other thing that is making me wonder, and bothering me, is that those who believe in conspiracy theories think that the corporations have gotten so big an powerful that they own a lot of influence and can buy anything they want. What they want is control. Control of us, and control of the planet. This can be accomplished by controlling the politicians. So the elections mean very little if anything. The theorists think, and have some proof that the corporations that control so much of what goes on in the world are run in part by some very powerful families, some tied to shadowy organizations.

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