Saturday, October 22, 2016

Political Anxiety

I wanted to throw some more posts in here. I thought about it. We had a trip to see family which went well. The problem was my wife during a layover in Baltimore broke her arm while helping someone. We made it home the next day but my mind was far from blogging. She's much better now, about two weeks from freedom from all cast-like support. Her Occupational Therapist says she's doing much better than other people in her situation.

During this time and since I have been watching all the goings on with the news coverage of the election campaign, and it has been giving me a noticeable amount of anxiety.
In the past, I was decidedly conservative and Republican. The choices were fairly easy and acceptable. This time is different and I don't like it. In my mind, our option as republicans is not easy or acceptable. I may have said this before, both candidates are awful at the very least.  I am so frustrated that our system has allowed these people to become our choice. One legitimate and one not, Hillary was chosen to be the candidate before the election began by powers beyond the process.
Trump became the nominee because we let the system work and people voted him there because they were angry at the status quo and wanted change. He said things that they were thinking and feeling, they liked it and voted for him. Hillary was chosen before the campaign started, it was her for the taking, it was her turn. She became the nominee because the democrats wanted her there and were going to put her there. Only Bernie got in the way but didn't have a chance. It was later revealed that he didn't have the chance he thought he did.

Watching the debates made me nuts. I only really watched the first one, and I didn't like his performance. I thought he was rude and inconsiderate, and self-centered talking about his businesses etc. He's all wrong on several levels. I sort of "caught up" with after debate broadcasts by both conservative and liberal media sources. I can't choose him, he's just wrong for the presidency of this country. Plus, I don't see him fitting in with Washington. It is set up to run a certain way and that's not his way. Hillary is a better "fit" for Washington, but she and her husband and some very powerful backers, have corrupted so much of Washington, the democracy is ruined, even the idea of it.

I have read some things people have posted that we are no longer a democracy, but an oligarchy. The industrial-corporate complex really controls things, with special interests controlling the politicians. America has lost its way.
I am disappointed that the country I grew up in has changed so drastically. Then I think that what I thought the country was all about was not true, it was all a facade. Something else was going on behind the scenes that we the people knew little if nothing about. I knew little about it until these last 10 years when I really began looking, researching. Are the conspiracies just theories? Some are deep, complex and crazy, others less so.
I will either come back and amend this entry to include some of the theories or try and cover some of them in another post.

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