Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year...New...?

New Year's resolutions. Eveybody makes 'em. Nobody keeps 'em. Self-improvement tapes and CD's, exercise equipment, etc. Why do so many resolutions seemingly fail? Maybe the goals are too high as well as the expectations. People have the end result in mind, not the journey. The end result is the new improved you, the ripped abs or whatever. The journey is days and weeks of possibly painful self-discovery or push-ups, sit-ups, sweat, aching muscles. The hard stuff. The hundreds of steps that make up a mile.

Maybe a resolution should be to do something different that will make me a better person. Just one thing. Then keep doing that, every day or every other day. Focus on small measurable stuff.

I got a push-up device advertised on TV. I've been at it for about 21 days according to the schedule that came with the equipment. I don't look like the guy on the box, yet. But I look better than I did before I started. One day at a time, one small step after another. That's how I'll get there. How about you?

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