Friday, February 29, 2008

What's New

More of the new year. A new routine and possibly a new house to live in.

January and February have been more promising than originally thought. A new job. Actually it's a very familiar job with a new compnay. The job is driving passengers, the compnay is Company Car in Cleveland, Ohio. I do enjoy it. The hours are a bit long sometimes, but that comes with the territory. Last Tuesday we had the Democratic debates and I think most of the livery companies were kept busy running people around. One of my co-workers had an 18 hour day.

We might be moving in the near future. We want to stay in the same school system so our youngest can graduate high school with her friends. After that we can move anywhere. After that the majority of our childrearing will be done.

It has gone so fast. Yesterday I was standing in a line and nearby was a mom and a newborn. The baby was crying that said I want some activity here! Mom gently rolled the shopping cart back and forth and baby seemed placated for the most part.

I can remember those days like yesterday. You just live your life for your children. It seems like you'll be there forever. But it does pass, they get bigger, different issues to think about. Suddenly they're in high school and graduating! No more Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! I made you a picture! or Mommy! I got you some flowers! Now it's all memories. *sigh*

More adventures lay ahead.

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