Saturday, July 25, 2009

Six months now

Well, we've had more time with our 'new' president. Some radio people say his ratings are falling. With the things he's trying to do, fix the economy by spending billions and billions, change the healthcare system and working out his foriegn policies, people are getting a better picture of what he is doing. Some of it may be ok, and some of it is scary.

I listen to conservative talk radio and they don't like a thing the president is doing, way too far to the left. But there's a part of me that wants to give him a chance. I'm not sure that left is all bad. Now I've had some ideas about the healthcare polices he wants to introduce, I'm a little concerned about those but I'm a little too tired to get into it right now. So I'll save it for later. But one thing keeps coming to my mind when I here about him spending so much money for things, bailouts, stimulus package(s), healthcare proposals, and other stuff I can't recall right now. Where's all the money coming from to pay for all this? Borrowing and taxation are the obvious answers, but how will that impact the future of this country? Somewhere in my mind, it doesn't add up anymore, it is illogical and doesn't make sense. I wonder about the future.

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