Saturday, August 8, 2009

Health Care?

Mr. Obama has been in office around six months and has stirred up some controversy with his 'health care' plan. At this point, a lot of people don't like it, apparently.

The idea is to make it affordable for more people, as many as possible, to have health care. To do this, as I understand it, the government seems to want to fashion our health plan to something like England's or Canada's health plan. Something they call, 'single payer'. With the government being the single payer.

Now conservative radio talk show hosts think its a bad idea. They talk about health rationing. For a while, this confused me because I didn't know how they meant it. Then I finally asked a health care professional who worked on the financial end of health care, and she explained it like this; the program works well for maintenance type doctor visits, annual check-ups and things like that, but it won't allow for prolong types of treatment, say for cancer, or kidney issues. That, apparently is where the rationing comes into play.

Now once you get to that point, I don't know if you can pay with you own money, if you can afford it, or not. I know that there are people from other countries, England and Canada, who come here for certain types of treatments that they cannot get in their own countries. If they come to us for their treatments, and we become like them, health-care wise, then where would we go? Where would everyone else go that would have come to us?

So to take this situation, that the government wants to hoist upon us, to a logical conclusion, if the government won't take care of us once we become a shall we say chronic maintenance case, do we just wait to die? Is that what they expect us to do? Are we ready for that? How can anybody be ready for that?

Based on the responses to some of the congresspeoples little hometown meetings about it, it hasen't gone well for them. People, congressional constituants, aren't happy about it. They're protesting and complaining, loudly. Resisting the ideas, and the Democrates don't like it. They're saying it's organized right wing protesters. But, if it's the governments idea, and the people don't like it, shouldn't the government listen to us? Don't we have a representitive government, of the people, by the people, and for the people?

There are also allegations that the congress-people have not read this bill, or even know what's in it. And they want to put it into action, against our wishes? Also, the protests have gotten louder, if you will, because time has gone by and people have found out what this bill would entail, and they don't like it. So they're not just complaining to complain. there's something seriously wrong with this health care plan.

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