Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey for a Day

It's Thanksgiving Day. We're getting ready to host the day for the relatives, which we've been doing for most of the time since my in-laws couldn't, about eight years. How things change.

This started off as a random post, which became an orphan, so I decided to re-purpose it as a full blown post. I've also downloaded Blogger to my Android phone, and HTC model so I can blog on the road, as it were. I drive for a living, work for a livery company in Cleveland, Oh. So, now I've committed myself to this blog. I've wanted to do more on it but momentum keeps going away. I know it's frustrating for those of you who come back hoping to find something new and there's nothing there. I've done that with other blogs too.

Since my last post about conspiracy theories, there's been an election. Barak Obama has been re-elected to the surprise and dismay of many conservatives. I listen to two radio stations that are AM News-Talk. Between them they host at least seven conservative talk-show hosts. Nome of them can understand what happened to get Barak Obama elected, they talk about loosing the country. Hmm, I'm trying to recall what else I was going to blog about regarding conspiracies and can't right now. Okay, maybe later.

A few posts ago I talked about my tooth being loose. Since then it has fallen out and sometimes I sound like I have a lisp of some sort. Am I going to get it fixed? At some point I probably will. The question is how; bridge or implants? We'll see.

As I sit here I want to close my eyes and go to sleep. That will be hard to do with guests still in the house.

I will have to organize my list of topics and things I want to write about for future productivity. My brain is mush now. Until later, Happy Thanksgiving.

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