Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More stuff to think about. Another topic I have become interested in from a ways back, the Illuminati and some secret societies and the idea of shadow governments, with regards to our government.

One of the things I have noticed is that talk of the Illuminati at some point involves the idea of Satanic things, thus spiritual things. I think, ok, Satanic means there must be an opposition to something, like God.

For me, those two concepts are well rooted in Christianity, particularly evangelical Christianity. Now Satan and God are Spiritual entities, Christianity is a religion that frames, if you will, the concept of God and Satan. As I consider the idea that there is a Spiritual battle going on for our souls, and what we do or believe here, may affect what happens in the after-life, confusion becomes an issue. Does modern Christianity give us enough information about the truth of our reality? Or has some things been left out, as some would have us believe?

There are also some who think that the extra-biblical books are pertinent; the Book of Enoch, the Book of Adam and Eve, etc. Biblical Christianity doesn't agree with this idea. That is why those books are not part of the Bible as we know it. But I have read that there is some interesting and possibly revealing information about our world and how it got started.

I have read several websites that seem to have pertinent information about the spiritual reality and the "end times". Any of the websites that talk about the Illuminati reference Satanic Rituals. It seems rather particular about that. As I mentioned before, it seems to frame things in a Biblical fashion, so maybe there's something to at least Bible prophecy and Conspiracy Theories.

I guess the thing that confuses me is two sites holds fast to Biblical Christianity, another site brings out Spiritualism. alienresistance.org educate-yourself.org. Alien Resistance takes a very evangelical view of things. As does Educate-Yourself, but Educate-Yourself at first blush, but then it references Spiritualism, I guess I was confused by the authority the author used and assumed a similar frame of reference. Still, both have useful information, I think.

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