Friday, July 8, 2016

Well, hello again. I don't show up as much as I'd like, but events in the world have prompted me more than normal to put something down here, share my mind, if you will.

Part of it is to work at writing something and getting something out in difficult times, the other is just to write and try to organize my thoughts and feelings.

Disturbing things have happened, and are happening this week; three shooting incidences and one government/legal proceeding that may have consequences for years to come.

The shooting incidences were the two black people dying at the hands of cops, again. These are disturbing enough on their face. There has been way to much of it going on. The situations and scenarios are even more troubling. The "suspects", as I understand it so far, were subdued or complying with the officers orders. Then, for some reason, multiple shots were fired by the officers, killing the "suspects".

As I understand it, from what limited accounts I have gotten from the media, and I have not delved into the details of these accounts. But on the surface, it seems, there would be no justification for these killings. One was a compliant suspect in a traffic stop. The other, the suspect was, as I understand it, subdued and under control. No need for firearms discharge by an officer.  It seems both situations could have been handled with out incident.

Now, as I have said, my information gathering has not been in-depth. But I am disturbed by what I have heard. It doesn't make sense on it's face.

The protest rally in Dallas is even more disturbing. Snipers killing cops. Right now I have no words.

Then, during the same week there was the Clinton email FBI investigation. In a nutshell; they are investigating Hillary, Bill Clinton meets with Loretta Lynch, on her plane in Phoenix the week of June 26th. He walks in on her spontaneously. Can you say bad timing, or was he sending a message?
On July 5th James Comey says Hillary Clinton was 'extremely careless" and that no charges be brought against her. the GOP went nuts and called him to the Hill for a "session". Mystified as to his conclusion. That was July 7th.  Now there are announcements of  the State Dept reopening a probe of her dealings etc.

So, to review:

June 27th Hillary is under investigation, Bill Clinton walks on to Loretta Lynch's government plane and meets with her for 30 minutes, talking about "innocent" things, family etc.the press goes nits over the optics of this.
July 5th: James Comey, head of the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton, announces no charges be brought against her though she was extremely careless in the handling of her official government communications.
President Obama with Hillary lands in SC to begin campaigning with her.
That same day, if not at that same time: Alton Sterling, a black man, is shot by a cop in Louisiana.
July 6th: Philando Castile shot in Minneapolis.
July 7th: GOP Oversight Committee hearing questions James Comey That afternoon/evening there is a protest march in Dallas Texas. During the march shots are fired from several locations and a sniper shots at Dallas cops. 5 - 6 Police Officers are killed. The sniper/shooter is a former military with no record but just went nuts that night.
July 8th: The State Department reopens it inquiry into Hillary Clinton's dealings as Secretary of State.

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