Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hacked! I hack, you hack, we all hack for data!

I have been following the Hillary Clinton email/server/hacking saga in some form or another since it first broke in early 2016. I had heard about it when the server became an issue and then it was speculation that the Clinton server was hacked because it was unprotected.

Now, it seems, everybody has a copy of everything that was on that server, the FBI, the NSA,  the GOP Prosecutor, WikiLeaks, Guccifer, the Russians. The only ones who haven't said anything are the Chinese and the North Koreans, I think.

I read an article tonight about how Hillary and company were worried that Guccifer got into the server because it was found out that Sydney Blumenthal's emails were compromised or something and there was a discussion about it in the Clinton camp while she was Secretary of State. I cannot imagine being in her position, knowing what she knows and doing what she did, wondering who was going to find out about it. Or did she even care?

One of my theories about her running all over the world with unsecured electronics is that she did it that way so she could give away pertinent information. Why? Maybe it's a plot to undermine the USA. I am pretty persuaded that Barak Obama has little or no love for this country. I don't think he cared that she probably compromised national security. The question now is, who will own us?

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