Thursday, October 4, 2007

Death in the Funnies

In the comic strip FunkyWinkerbean, one of the long time, main characters died off today from breast cancer. That doesn't happen very much, if at all, in the comics.

Funky Winkerbean wasn't one of my favorite comics, but I kept an eye on it from time to time. Within the last year, I knew that Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Every so often I would check in and noticed that she seemed to be getting worse as she went through her treatment. I wondered how it was going to end, would she recover and be a cancer survivor? Or would she die?

Several months ago, I think, one of the news stations covered the decision of the creator, Tom Batiuk, to have the character die. So even though I knew it was coming, it was sad then. Today it has hit me harder than I thought. Maybe I'm thinking about this way too much, I don't know. One thing I thought was touching was how he depicted her crossing over, switching from the present day hospice to the all white environment of...eternity, I suppose. There the host, if you will, comes for her and guides her away. As she's walking away from Les, she says “I Love You”. Back in the hospice Les asks, did she say something? The nurse says “She's Gone.”

It was very touching and very well done. I applaud Tom Batiuk on his handling of the topic and courage having one of his characters die.

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Imma (Alice) said...

Hi Marc. Thanks for visiting my blog... I'm glad you liked it. You thought it was a bit overwhelming to read it, well it's just a small part of my life. Try living it. Hahaha.

Good luck with your new blogging experience. Looks like things here will be interesting and worth reading.