Friday, October 12, 2007

Time-bomb kids

Something has occured to me and I want to try and get this idea out there before something else happens. It's regarding the latest school shooting incident in Cleveland, Ohio. The names and locations change; Asa Coon in Cleveland, Dylan Klebold in Columbine, Cho Seung-Hui at Virgina Tech. They were all disturbed, picked on, outcasts. In school and in life. I believe this can be avoided.

We need to be able to spot these kids who are in such distress that they want to kill people, before they do it. Somebody must come in contact with these kids and get an idea that somethings wrong. The thing seems to be, what to do next. Who to tell?

What if there could be a few trained individuals who could take some time and interact with these kids, and hopefully steer them away from their destructive desires. I'm thinking something on a very small, community by community level. Maybe a church ministry kind of thing.

These are rough ideas. I want to put them out there and maybe someone can pick them up and build on them, put together a task force where you live. Organize something. Maybe befriending one of these troubled, unpopular kids would help. Know who to call in case you need help. Develop a network that can jump into action when needed, and know when to involve the authorities.

Sometimes the parents share a big part of the blame. Sometimes they may have an idea of trouble brewing and don't want to deal with it and don't know who to turn to. Can we help them?

My hope and prayer is that these few ideas will spark more ideas that will turn into action that will stop these time-bomb kids from going off.

Thanks and God Bless.

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