Monday, October 15, 2007

Environmental Thoughts

Since today is Blog Action Day for the environment, I wanted to throw some ideas out there that I had been thinking through throuout the day.

Solar power has been of interest to me for a while. Solar panels on houses covering the southern-facing roofs made sense but is expensive to do, at least initially. What if the solar panel idea could be done in smaller increments, and added to as funds are available?

Now the reason I am saying this is because I read some comments about how to conserve energy. They were good but they were all related to computer usage; don't use speakers unnessessarily, get energy saving monitors, etc. Good ideas. Then I got to thinking couldn't we move toward doing more? That's where the solar power came to mind.

Other ideas were like this; developing adapters to attach solar panels to that are affordable for more people to use. Easy to set up like a lawn sprinkler. Maybe a mobil unit that could be moved around if you have a lot of trees in your yard. Or how about developing a stationary bicycle type thing to generate some power and loose weight at the same time?

My thoughts were to start small, replace the power used by a computer one day a week, then move up from there. That is where the solar power would work best, start small and work up to something the size of a roof and really make a difference.

If anybody can develope these ideas futher, take it and run. Lots of potential to be tapped here. In the mean time use only what you need and don't waste it.

I will be searching for sites, articles and the like to add to the "Green Things" section, so check back from time to time.

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