Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can It Be?

For the last several months I have been listening to 'talk-radio' here on Cleveland. A very conservative lot. As most conservatives go, they don't like President Obama. They are afraid of his policies, as well as his philosophy. Socialist, they say. It's all that 'change' you know that he was talking about before the election. He wanted to transform America they remind us. And to them, he's doing just that, in the worst possible way.

With the passage of the health care bill at almost $1 trillion, it does make one wonder what's going on. Do the math, or if you let the conservatives do the math, they might say something like our country is at about $60 trillion negative net worth. That's with a $10 trillion net income. If that's true, that seems like a real problem.

Now I'm confused between what the consevatives say about Obama and his motives. Now granted, I am not a poly-sci major or anything like that. What I have heard the conservatives say is that the democrates want power and control. By passing this health it gives the government control over one fifth of the economy and they can expand it from there. Well, okay, if that's how they want to move us out of a free market system and into a european-style, more govenment controlled system, I guess that's one way. The big thing is that it seems like they're spending money we don't have. Or that we're not making because we're loosing jobs like crazy, still.

So, if they want that power and control so badly, why ruin the country to get it, or once you get it? A big problem is that China owns a lot of our debt. It seems possible that they could call in the debt, then what? Who will have control? Did the democrats get control just to ruin the country so we cant be the worlds policeman anymore? So we can't afford to do anything on a global scale anymore? We'll be reduced to something like, The Czech Republic, or an African country that can barely protect its borders? How's all that power and control workin' for you now? I don't quite get it, but as time goes by, we shall see.

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